Question is open to Doms* and subs** alike...

When your inspecting your sub for the first time before you collar them and make them your what type of inspection do you give them? What do you look for? How do you grade it?

When your being inspected what do you want to be judged on? How fairly? What areas should a dom be more critical about? The lesser areas?

*The word “dom” includes anything and everything in the authoritative position be it Master/Mistress, Daddy, Sir/Ma’am, Owner, Handler etc.
**The word “sub” includes everything and anything in the submissive position be it
Boy/Girl, Pup/(other animal), Slave, Bitch, etc.

If you fill uncomfortable supplying your answer to the whole group fill free to email me directly.

Thx buddy

Looking for a Human K-9 handler

okay, so i finally decided to put it out to the Universe that i am looking for a human K-9 handler.  i identify as a pup and would like to do more with puppy play.  i had the opportunity to go to a puppy play demo Saturday and it made me realize how much i really miss my puppy time.  it has been a couple of years since i have had any time as a pup.  none of the people that i play with is into puppy play so i am looking for someone who is okay with my disability and my trans status.
my disability is cerebral palsy and it only really affects the muscles in my legs, although i do occasionally have spasms in my fingers.  i have a good deal of difficulty with walking unaided, but i do much better on all fours on the ground. 
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(no subject)

Name: Hunter (Rexx)
Location: Sydney Australia
Age: 35
Sex and or Gender: Trans guy
Sexual Orientation: Queer  (or e) all of the bove)
Owner or pup? Both, Pup and Handler/Trainer more than owner at this point in time.
Interesting detail:  A guard/protection dog Staffy/Rotty cross that got  to not eat people in my SIR's workshops ( a novel place for me). Been exploring more of my animal play sides of late with my SIR and his inner dog as a handler, and with my girl and her inner puppy also a handler. (the end of 06 was very humanimal for me)

running out of reading material...

Hey everyone!

Just wondering- besides leatherdog.com and the many personal websites are there any more pup play sites? im running out of this to read... ^__^

By the way, For SIRs birthday i got his WOOF! and GRRR! and i read a bit of both and definatly recommend them- are those the only book around?

there must be more pup stuff. ^__^
im such a leather book worm...
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Ajax -  May 2006

New to this community ...

So i shall introduce myself and say hello.

i am a slave & dogboy in San Francisco. Have been collared by Master for over 10 years. i'm gay male, late 30s (but with a Peter Pan complex). Always looking for new friends online or realtime who can relate and share.


hmm to have a pup.. would be a pleasure.

Name: Ryan
Location: brooklyn, New york
Age: 18
Sex and or Gender: Trans guy
Sexual Orientation: Queer
Owner or pup? Not presently but would be Owner and Lover of pups who is fluent in pup, so very understanding to the mind of a pup.
Interesting detail: My last prospect for a pup was half devil and wolf. Luckily the Wolf and Bear in me works very well with animals of the canine type.

My Intro!

Location:Brooklyn, NY
Sex and or Gender:ftm (non op)
Sexual Orientation:bisexual
Owner or pup?:trainer
Interesting detail: When SIR and i have a pup i will probaly fight for the bone. ^__^
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